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Carbon Monoxide Detector

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We had an emergency drill at our place; the Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector started it’s siren and voice commands: “Carbon Monoxide detected. Leave the Area.” (Yeah, I bought a talking CO Detector. The firemen were impressed at least.)

So here’s the bullet points from our little fun

  • When someone calls you from amid a potentially dangerous situation, remember to have them leave the area with you still on the phone. I forgot that.
  • The firemen’s biggest concern was that gas appliances were correctly vented. I’m not running the tightest ship but we have that covered.
  • They checked the house with a CO sniffer and decided that it was a faulty detector.
  • It sounded like they get false alarms from to get people who misinterpret the beeps from a failing battery or something but a box screaming about Carbon Monoxide is pretty hard to confuse.
  • They didn’t like that I’d installed the detector on the ceiling saying that your smoke detector goes high and your CO detector goes low as CO is heavy and sinks. (Our was a combination smoke and CO detector and the ceiling was specified in the instructions.)
  • The faulty detector has been replaced with 2 new ones in different parts of the house: a talking one down low (I’ll have to cage it to keep kids from playing with it.) and another at eye level (the lowest recommended in the installation instructions).
  • I’m mailing in the defective detector for disposal. link
  • According to the paperwork with the new equipment: Carbon Monoxide detectors are only reliable for 7 years (ours was 6 years old) and Smoke Detectors are only good for 10 years.


iPod Car Charger with Audio Out

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Our new Honda came with an Aux In that works well with our sundry iPods. Pretty cool but there’s no way to charge it up and connecting to the Line Out from the iPod would definitely be an improvement.

Happily this creature exists!

iPod Car Charger with Line Out from Monster