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Our front and back yard landscape work. Also inspiration for the project.

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New Concrete!

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It’s been a long time coming but we have some concrete! Initial impressions: the texture and color are close to what we were picturing. The color should lighten up nicely and it’s probably too early to worry about the texture.

I’m bummed that somehow we didn’t get a drain put in the firepit. The story is that I asked for there not to be one but think they just forgot.

The growing set of pictures is on

Backyard Concrete 2

Landscape Update: We get a new water line

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I spoke with the contractor tonight. It turns out the broken water pipe is going to be a problem. It’s old air conditioning tube, fittings aren’t available for it, and it’s too shallow in the ground. It’s not close to ever passing inspection so we get to put in a new one. We get a quote tomorrow. While we’re in there we may do a new sewer line as well. On the bright side we’ll get improved water flow!

Landscape Project Begins

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I owe people the sketches of the plans but here’s photos of the work starting out on our new front yard. It looks like our water line was broken so there was a shiny new length of copper soldered in when I got home yesterday.

IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0300.JPG