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MSNBC’s The Year In Pictures 2005

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Excellent wrap up for the year.

Sara Fishko’s Search for the Imperfect

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Driving to Trader Joe’s I heard Sarah Fishko’s commentary on KCLU. Her quest for raw, unrefined classical recordings really struck a chord with me. Now I have to try and track down some of the recordings sampled in her piece. I’ll post pointers here if I can track them down.

The Lovely Imperfections of Live Music Recordings Commentator Sara Fishko has a problem with the way music recordings are manipulated into perfection. She finds herself drawn more and more to recordings of live performances. Fishko is a cultural producer-at-large for member station WNYC.

I got a brain scan but they found nothing.

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting these headaches during…vigorous activity, if you know what I mean. I was worried that I was being a hypocondriac but I went to see my Doctor about it. I wasn’t terribly concerned until he started asking about blurry vision and numb limbs and mentioned a possible “bleed.” Anyway, we scheduled an MRI and an MRA few hours later. It turns out that was just long enough for me to start thinking about canceling our vacation so I get to experience the joys of brain surgery. A few hours after the scan, the Doctor called to say that everything looked fine and that I should go to Mexico and have fun. When we return I’ll see a neurologist and we’ll look into the situation further. For now it sounds like Coital Headaches are a known thing and for the time being you can call me Ibuprofen Boy.

Here’s thanks to Uncle Steve for giving me the inside scoop which helped to keep me calm.

Also I never would have thought that MRI machines would be so insanely loud. The closed in feeling was fine but the earplugs and headphones do little to drown out the racket. It’s like sticking your head in a bucket while someone runs a jackhammer on a running V-8 engine.