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Strike Two for Angie’s List

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Looking for a window installer was my second test for Angie’s List. I know there are dozens of people who can install windows in less than 5 miles of my house but Angie’s List seems to treat my house as being in LA (the next county) so they have hits that are 80 miles and specifically don’t service Ventura.

I still really like the concept and have not given up but expect more from a pay service.

I was happy with my Ventura water softener people (Harris / Culligan) and gave them a nice review on Angie’s List so hopefully I can help the next guy.

Clean End

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One of the things we’ve been tracking is Pass or Fail for a Sprint All the work you set out to do was done? Pass. You missed a Story? Fail. There’s no associated reward or punishment but the teams get pretty serious about it.

A Sprint ended Friday and the Team was patting themselves on the back for their Pass even though at 7:30 PM the Team was still scrammbling to wrap up 3 Tasks. One of the engineers had to cancel dinner plans and was working alone at the office feeling solely responsible for the team’s success.

So now I get be the mean ScrumMaster and give them a big ol’ Fail and explain that the planning and estimates should not require last minute heroics and all-nighters.

I’m adding to my ScrumMaster checklist: Put a clear deadline in Exchange noting the date and hour of the Pass/Fail deadline. I’m a chump for not doing that automatically.