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Portal 2 release, April 19

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Can. Not. Wait.
Fuck Yeah Portal 2

Portal 2, Amazon Pre-Order

Easy Automatic Control for Holiday Lights

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Holiday Light Timer with Light Sensor

We put up the Halloween lights over the weekend and I was reflecting that these timers really help make it an easy and no fuss set up.

It turns everything on at sundown and stays on as many hours as you specify. You can also just leave in on dusk to dawn or simply on or off for debugging.

It’s really nice enjoy your own lights if you come home after dark plus I feel better about using the energy since I minimize it by only having on for a few hours each night.

Coleman Cable 13547 6-Outlet Power Stake with Light Sensor and 6-Foot Cord


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“Incubation is a business of stupidity. If we don’t feel stupid, we’re not pushing ourselves hard enough.” —Alex Kipman, leader of Microsoft’s Project Natal

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