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Strike Two for Angie’s List

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Looking for a window installer was my second test for Angie’s List. I know there are dozens of people who can install windows in less than 5 miles of my house but Angie’s List seems to treat my house as being in LA (the next county) so they have hits that are 80 miles and specifically don’t service Ventura.

I still really like the concept and have not given up but expect more from a pay service.

I was happy with my Ventura water softener people (Harris / Culligan) and gave them a nice review on Angie’s List so hopefully I can help the next guy.

Angie’s List Fails on my Trial Run

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I’ve always liked the idea of Angie’s List. I’m a firm believer that the right lead saves money, time and stress. In need of a Water Softener I finally had a legitimate need for their services and signed up: ~$30 for two years.

Only one entry under category Water Softener in my area was even ranked and he had a D! Most of the local Water Softener services Angie’s List listed were plumbers in any case and I’d rather have the tanks simply swapped out so they can’t help me.

I picked a name brand and will add a report to Angie’s List when I have a verdict. Still holding out hope for getting useful advise from Angie’s List.