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Fungus In Your Eyes

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I went to the optometrist yesterday. I didn’t expect much more than the usual rubber stamp of my old prescription but this my first appointment since the thing with people getting fungal infection from their contacts: some brands of cleaner were recalled and are off the market now.

In any case it sounds people were getting stuff growing in their cases and the offending cleaners weren’t strong enough to kill it. Since it was in people’s cases, any new lenses that they used were instantly infected.

Ick! My old case is several years old!

Bottom line: the current advice is to toss your contact lens cases every three months. I’ve got a new case and have Sharpie tagged it with an expiration date.

They also want you using a name brand cleaner. That’s pretty old advice but makes even more sense in light of demonstrated consequences.

Coital Headache, Follow Up

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deanj mri 1 IMG_0140.JPG

You’ll recall that I was having crippling headaches during sex, that it was concerning enough that I saw my doctor who asked some scary questions about blindness or numb limbs. The Doctor signed me up the same day for an MRI and an MRA to rule out any blood leaking into my brain or the surrounding tissues. That all came back normal and it looked like the bad news was I had Coital Headaches but the good news was that I didn’t need brain surgery.

So, mostly old news but I was referred to a neurologist who was going to go over the pictures of my brain with me.

First thing the Doctor said was, “I imagine you looked this up on the Internet?” Honestly, I’ll google anything that someone says to me but that never occurred to me. Maybe because it’s too much work to sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to researching health issues online?

Anyway he said there’s good information online about taking it easy, not holding your breath, and trying different positions to avoid coital headaches. They’re also called by the names: “Sex Headaches,” “Orgasmic Headaches,” and “Coital Cephalgia.” The info I found online is pretty sparse and some contradicts what he said but the gist is to take it easy and if you can’t deal with the headaches they can prescribe beta blockers.

I got a brain scan but they found nothing.

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting these headaches during…vigorous activity, if you know what I mean. I was worried that I was being a hypocondriac but I went to see my Doctor about it. I wasn’t terribly concerned until he started asking about blurry vision and numb limbs and mentioned a possible “bleed.” Anyway, we scheduled an MRI and an MRA few hours later. It turns out that was just long enough for me to start thinking about canceling our vacation so I get to experience the joys of brain surgery. A few hours after the scan, the Doctor called to say that everything looked fine and that I should go to Mexico and have fun. When we return I’ll see a neurologist and we’ll look into the situation further. For now it sounds like Coital Headaches are a known thing and for the time being you can call me Ibuprofen Boy.

Here’s thanks to Uncle Steve for giving me the inside scoop which helped to keep me calm.

Also I never would have thought that MRI machines would be so insanely loud. The closed in feeling was fine but the earplugs and headphones do little to drown out the racket. It’s like sticking your head in a bucket while someone runs a jackhammer on a running V-8 engine.