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Surly Hate Machine: Dance to everything Left 4 Dead’s Francis can’t stand

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Surly Hate Machine: Dance to everything Left 4 Dead’s Francis can’t stand

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Nine Inch Nails – Corona Radiata

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Nine Inch NailsCorona Radiata

Sara Fishko’s Search for the Imperfect

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Driving to Trader Joe’s I heard Sarah Fishko’s commentary on KCLU. Her quest for raw, unrefined classical recordings really struck a chord with me. Now I have to try and track down some of the recordings sampled in her piece. I’ll post pointers here if I can track them down.

The Lovely Imperfections of Live Music Recordings Commentator Sara Fishko has a problem with the way music recordings are manipulated into perfection. She finds herself drawn more and more to recordings of live performances. Fishko is a cultural producer-at-large for member station WNYC.

Falalalala’s ADVENTure in Carols!

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It’s an illness but I love funky, so bad it’s good, old music. Christmas carols included. Given this I”m very happy to see that Falalalala.com is counting down the days to Christmas with a great track for download every day starting today: ADVENTure in Carols again this year.

In addition to the track a day Falalalala.com tracks all kinds of great old, otherwise unavailable, christmas songs.

PS I also love online advent calendars!