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This is Pizzaaah!!

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This is Pizzaaah!!

Additional Stories mid-Sprint

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I was too lax recently when a Scrum Team ran low and picked up some additional Stories. The quick email discussion going over the Stories was probably insufficient to get unanimous buy-in and a Failed Sprint might have been avoided.

Moving forward, I will always have a mini-Sprint Planning Meeting when any new Stories are considered.

Clean End

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One of the things we’ve been tracking is Pass or Fail for a Sprint All the work you set out to do was done? Pass. You missed a Story? Fail. There’s no associated reward or punishment but the teams get pretty serious about it.

A Sprint ended Friday and the Team was patting themselves on the back for their Pass even though at 7:30 PM the Team was still scrammbling to wrap up 3 Tasks. One of the engineers had to cancel dinner plans and was working alone at the office feeling solely responsible for the team’s success.

So now I get be the mean ScrumMaster and give them a big ol’ Fail and explain that the planning and estimates should not require last minute heroics and all-nighters.

I’m adding to my ScrumMaster checklist: Put a clear deadline in Exchange noting the date and hour of the Pass/Fail deadline. I’m a chump for not doing that automatically.

Scrum Evangelist

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I’ve been tasked with converting ValueClick Media’s software development process to Scrum. I’m filling the role of ScrumMaster for two teams. We’ve settled on two-week Sprints and have completed two Sprints so far. It’s still early but the transition had gone surprisingly smooth.